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If you are a builder, developer, investor, or home owner, and

you are contemplating selling, look no further. Camelot agents

engineer a marketing and advertising program tailored

are listing/selling experts. For each individual client, we

specifically for your asset. To builders - we understand the three

We are proficient at each unique phase. Our builders enjoy the on-site specialists approach to selling their inventory. Advertising, staging, signage, collateral material, e-blasts, broker open houses, consumer open houses (constantly) reporting and production, all handled in house and overseen and effectuated by trained teams. Not just one agent. Individual sellers enjoy the same benefit as these same agents employ the exact same strategies to selling just one home. Our average days on market are substantially below market averages due to these advanced techniques. Our negotiating skills are second to none. We pride ourselves on attaining top dollar and setting the market pricing, not just succumbing to it.

phases of marketing: pre-sales, bulk sales, and close out.

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